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Facing homelessness should be a duty of all of us, since it can happen to all of us. Providing basic support, emotional, material and practical, is the least we can do for the people who have lost their shelter.

What are we all aobut?

Acworth, GA Transitional Center is a place for all those facing homelessness. We are organized as a small community gathering all homeless people looking for accommodation and help and various volunteers providing basic conditions for living during transitory period. We provide wide range of services, from overnight shelter to permanent place for living, with kitchen, bathroom, personal accommodation and premises for socializing.

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Our Community Partners

Community continues to create partnerships with various groups, associations and institutions involved with the similar activities. The aim is to join forces in handling homelessness effectively and help these people in various manners. We are proud to partner with these local organizations in the Acworth, GA area. 

We cooperate closely with Transition House association, since these people are providing similar services, plus we raise foundations and collect money together.

We also partner with Understand Homelessness group in an attempt to raise awareness that homelessness is a wide spread problem of each society, but homeless people are not socially inadequate. Just people who lost their homes.

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