Ways to help homeless right now

Ok, we will agree with all those of you arguing that one person can’t solve something that’s been a global problem spread in all countries. You can’t solve the entire phenomena, but you can certainly solve some problems of a particular people who need help. When talking about homelessness, most people feel uncomfortable and expect government to do something. The truth is that you can do much more on your own than you think while waiting (and insisting!) for governments to come up with a systemic approach. Here are some tips and advices on how to intervene and help homeless people right now, especially if you live in a big city where you can meet these people on a daily basis.

Raise awareness and insist on humanity

post3aThinking or reading about this matter from the warmth of your home makes homelessness seam so distant, as a problem that does happen to some people, but it will never be you. In reality, it takes just a few bad plot twists in your life scenario and you’d end up in the streets, sleeping under the bridge. The first thing we all need and can do is to raise awareness of the problem and its real dimensions, which should trigger more people to intervene and try to help. Further, we need to insist on the fact that these people are not socially inadequate, but only the people who lost their houses. Once you end up in the street, you are truly left alone by everyone. This almost destroys self-esteem of these people, hence every kind approach and a conversation during which you’ll treat them as regular people, helps more than you can imagine.

Donate money or cloths and supplies

post3bWhen it comes to giving money or supplies, the options are many. You can go straightforward and put money in hands of a beggar or donate money to various transition houses. Seasonal cloths are always a good choice, as well as blankets, sleeping bags, socks, toothbrushes, soaps and other items useful in everyday life. You can give a bus pass or buy meals in local fast-food. Offering a job to some of these people is definitely the best solution.

Assist in transition houses

Finally, there are many transition houses in every city that are always short on volunteers and experts taking care of homeless people. You can sign into the nearest one and give a practical helping hand whenever you got some time.