Acworth Transition House – Service list

Acworth Transition House was founded as a group project by local enthusiasts with a primary goal to help homeless people in various ways. We’ve started from the basic support, providing pure necessities such as overnight shelter and some food, but the project has expanded over the years and currently it covers numerous forms of help and assistance to these unfortunate citizens surrounding us. Since our goal is not just to provide these people with basic life conditions, but also to help them restore their normal lives, we have integrated many services regarding reintegration of the homeless into the society. Here’s an overview of some basic services every homeless person can expect in our transition house.

Basic accommodation

post1aOnce checked in into our transition house, every homeless person will get a place to sleep and store personal stuff, free use of one of the bathrooms available in community and the card for free meals in community’s kitchen. People are free to use these services for just an overnight shelter, as well as to stay as long as they need to get their normal lives back on track. We also provide services of transportation or relocation if the person isn’t capable of transferring personal stuff into the other address when moving away from our shelter.

All sorts of support and counselling

In an attempt to help homeless resolve their initial problems that had pushed them into the homelessness, our team of volunteers includes wide range of experts and professionals providing all sorts of education, financial counseling, legal advices and skill trainings. Also, every person checked into our shelter is entitled to medical care, including mental health consultations, dental care and group therapy, if a person wants to join. post1bSocializing among people settled in this transition house comes in a form of organized thematic gatherings, but people interact vividly continuously nevertheless.

Making way back home

Since most of the homeless people using this shelter for a long time usually doesn’t have a place to go back to, they need to start over. Our volunteers provide them various courses, education classes, skill training and employment assistance. All of these trainings are trying to reintegrate homeless people back into regular society by helping them get a new job that will provide solid income and potentially enable them to rent a house in the future. We also try to help these people express their talents and invest into their strong skills, not just to help them get hired, but also to help them gain their self – esteem back, which is usually eroded by ending up at the social margin.